Automating your Life

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Lazy life

Are you lazy? If you’re like me, you are, at least a little bit, I just love everything that makes my life easy. For example, I’ve had a car since I passed my driving test some 40 years ago, and haven’t been without one since. Even today, when I know we should be curbing our desire to travel, and living as low emission a lifestyle as possible, I just cannot let go of my car. I have switched to a hybrid, but I aint gonna give up my wheels, no way. As the saying goes, they can take the keys ‘from my cold dead hands’.
But since I passed my driving test way back in the dark ages technology has stepped up to make all our lives oh so much easier. Are you old enough to remember having to get up off the sofa to change the TV channel, change the cassette in the deck, or load a video into the VCR? If you are under the age of 25 and not into your tech history, you are probably wondering what on earth I am going on about, having grown up in an age of remote controls and streaming everything.

All so easy

And it’s not just having to get up to do something, it’s also about choosing. These days the streaming services we sign up to slowly build a profile of our likes and interests and start doing the choosing for us, everything from music to movies. And these days we can get all this entertainment on the go, thanks to the amazing mini super computers we all carry with us in our pockets or purses.
Remember the days of having to go to the library to pull big, thick, heavy books off the shelves to do a bit of research only, to find the information was outdated? No longer, now we have access to all the information we could wish for in real time, even though it is still wise to verify the source of that information, and validate it before trusting it entirely.

Automated lifestyle

Hate food shopping, no problem, go online, make your choices, and order a home delivery. Too lazy to cook tonight, just order your meal of choice for immediate delivery. Don’t like getting up early to make coffee, set the timer and have fresh java waiting for you whenever you want it. Turn on the lights, close the curtains, run a bath, all no problem. In fact, AI enabled technology will take care of your whole life for you if you wish. And as for me, I’m lovin’ it!

Written by Ian Bowie