The AI Resort

Illustration generated using DALL·E 2.

All-inclusive summer

Summer is in full swing up here in the far north and we are kicking back for a while and enjoying the good life. Quite a few folk are heading south for some very hot sun, sea, and sand in places like Greece and Spain. The ones I know of that have kids in tow have booked themselves into resorts offering an all-inclusive experience. So all food, drinks and I do believe child care is included in the price, and it’s not cheap.
But what if you could fully automate that all-inclusive experience? Imagine a resort where all the staff are either robots or simply intelligent machines. The resort owners would reduce their staffing costs to zero and be able to increase their own profits while passing on some of their savings to their customers.

Kiddie care

Of course there might be a few parents who might worry about having their kids looked after by a robot, but if it’s a friendly robot, what’s to worry about. And of course there would be no language issues because all the robots would speak all the languages of the world, brilliant. And then of course the robots would be fitted with cameras so the parents would get a video of their kids having lots of fun without them actually having to be there, wonderful.

The perfect Martini

And of course for the parents there is guaranteed friendly and efficient service in their own language; after all, robots don’t get grumpy or have a bad day. And of course robots are far more capable of being consistent than humans, so the bar robot will mix your martini just the way you like it, every single time. Of course the bar robot might be programmed to recognise when you’ve had one too many and stop serving you unlike its human counterpart who could probably be bribed to look the other way for a bigger tip.

Food glorious food

And of course the food would be made in a fully automated hygienic kitchen with absolutely no possibility of cross-contamination through human interference, so your holiday won’t be ruined by an unexplained tummy bug; it’s all good.
So there you go, fantastic service, you don’t need to see the kids unless you want to, the perfect martini on demand and no chance of food poisoning, and at a vastly reduced price what more could you possibly wish for from an all-inclusive holiday. The AI resort, when it arrives, is sure to be a hit.

Written by Ian Bowie