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  • #100: The 100th Episode Spectacular

    Get ready for an epic celebration as Ian and Michael mark a monumental milestone with the 100th episode of the podcast! In this special edition, they take a nostalgic trip down memory lane, revisiting some of their favorite moments from past episodes. But don't expect them to get too sentimental – they're not afraid to diss the whole concept of milestones and reflect on the paradoxical notion of progress in the digital age. And, as an extra treat, the AI roundtable featuring our beloved fake AI-generated contributors makes a triumphant return to help celebrate this momentous occasion. Join the festivities for a dynamic blend of reflection, insight, and celebration as Ian and Michael raise a toast to 100 unforgettable episodes! (This description was created with the help of ChatGPT) (This episode features AI-generated content and speech)

  • #99: Making Money in the Digital Era, Materialism Banter

    Ian and Michael discuss ways to make money in our modern digital society, as well as why people form emotional attachments to physical objects (whether a car, a house or a tamagotchi). Plus: is banana really a good pizza topping?

  • #98: Metaverse Madness and My Friend The Chatbot

    Ian and Michael come back to one of their favourite topics, figuring out uses for the metaverse. And, if we all end up plugged into the metaverse, would it matter if our metaverse friends and acquaintance are actually AI-generated?

  • #97: Card Games, Board Games and AI, Collectibles

    Ian and Michael discuss card games in the context of language learning, use of AI in creating board games, and collectible items. (This episode contains AI-generated speech)

  • #96: Music in the Digital Era

    The latest episode of AI Unfiltered is music to our ears! Ian and Michael discuss the recent report on the biggest Spotify artist you've never heard of, a virtually unknown Swedish artist who has amassed 15 billion streams under hundreds of different pseudonyms. And with the advent of generative AI, do we even need human song writers and artists in the future? (This episode features AI-generated content and speech)

  • #95: Food and Taxis

    Ian and Michael get into a topic near and dear to their hearts (and stomachs): food! Additionally, the pair discuss food delivery services and taxis - and the combination thereof. Plus, our AI-generated contributor, Emma, provides her artificial insights! (This episode features AI-generated content and speech)

  • #94: The Impatient Society and Technological Revolutions

    Ian and Michael ponder the current AI hype and whether our instant gratification society has made us all too impatient when it comes to technological breakthroughs and the speed of development. Plus, the pair discuss a recent court case where a customer service chatbot "hallucinated" a refund policy - much to the dismay of the customer when the company refused to honor the policy! Who's responsible when we've automated the human out of the loop? (This episode features AI-generated content and speech)

  • #93: Board Games

    Ian and Michael go analogue and discuss a traditional pastime that received a bit of an upswing during the pandemic: board games! Plus, our AI-generated contributor, Emma Williams, returns with another instalment of "Emma's Artifical Reflections"! Is there an AI twist to boardgames? (This episode features AI-generated content)

  • #92: Banter about Banter, Social Media, Climate Change, Subscription Models

    Ian and Michael discuss a wide array of topics, ranging from the latest on social media to news reporting on climate change, our need to be distracted in a world of chaos, digital subscription models, and the English language itself!

  • #91: The Quest for Immortality

    Ian and Michael embark on a thought-provoking exploration of humanity's timeless desire to defy mortality. From the pursuit of extending our lifespans indefinitely to the tantalizing prospect of uploading ourselves to the digital realm, they navigate the complexities of our quest for eternal existence. They examine the equally compelling desire to leave a lasting legacy, pondering the ways in which we seek to be remembered for generations to come. Join them for an illuminating discussion that traverses the realms of science, philosophy, and the human condition, offering insights into the timeless pursuit of immortality. (This description was generated with ChatGPT)