Tag: AI

  • #107: AI-Powered PCs, The Hallucination Problem, AI for Mayor

    Ian and Michael discuss the latest goings-on in the AI world, including the recently announced AI-powered PC concept, hallucinations being - so far - an intractable problem for large language models, and the AI chatbot running for mayor in Cheyenne, Wyoming. (This episode features AI-generated content and speech)

  • #106: Continuous Cruising, Podcast on a Boat, Working in an Office

    Ian and Michael discuss continuous cruising and offering their podcasting production services to cruise lines - would you like to spend the rest of your days on a cruise ship? Plus, back on land, the virtues of working in an office in this era of remote work.

  • #105: OpenAI and Apple Controversies, AI and Photos, the Next Pandemic

    Ian and Michael discuss a variety of topics, including the recent OpenAI voice controversy, the outrage around Apple's latest iPad ad, AI and photo editing, the movie Contagion and its prescient nature, and finally, one of the pair's favourite topics - hologram bands! Plus, our AI-generated contributor Emma returns with "Emma's Artificial Reflections!" (This episode features AI-generated content and speech)

  • #104: Royal Portrait Controversy, The Pace of Innovation

    Ian and Michael discuss the recent viral controversy around the new portrait of Charles III, before tackling the topic of the speed of innovation in the digital era - are we inventing things at a break neck pace that we actually need, or are we churning out new products for its own sake?

  • #103: AI Twins

    Ian and Michael discuss Reid Hoffman's demo of a completely AI-generated version of himself - an AI twin. But as cool a technology demonstration as it was, are there any actual use cases for AI twins?

  • #102: Word Origins, Old Buildings, Clickbait, Business Books

    Ian and Michael take on a variety of topics in this far reaching episode, tackling the origins of certain expressions, the value of old buildings, the prevalence of clickbait, and the deluge of business books that provide little value. Plus, appearances by our AI-generated contributors, Sarah and Emma! (This episode features AI-generated content and speech)

  • #101: Reviewing Reviews

    Ian and Michael discuss the recent controversy stirred up by a scathing review of an AI-powered wearable - do reviewers really need to be nice even if the product is bad? And how much do reviews actually matter in the end? Plus, our fake AI-generated contributor Emma Williams returns with a new instalment of "Emma's Artificial Reflections!" (This episode features AI-generated content and speech)

  • #100: The 100th Episode Spectacular

    Get ready for an epic celebration as Ian and Michael mark a monumental milestone with the 100th episode of the podcast! In this special edition, they take a nostalgic trip down memory lane, revisiting some of their favorite moments from past episodes. But don't expect them to get too sentimental – they're not afraid to diss the whole concept of milestones and reflect on the paradoxical notion of progress in the digital age. And, as an extra treat, the AI roundtable featuring our beloved fake AI-generated contributors makes a triumphant return to help celebrate this momentous occasion. Join the festivities for a dynamic blend of reflection, insight, and celebration as Ian and Michael raise a toast to 100 unforgettable episodes! (This description was created with the help of ChatGPT) (This episode features AI-generated content and speech)

  • #99: Making Money in the Digital Era, Materialism Banter

    Ian and Michael discuss ways to make money in our modern digital society, as well as why people form emotional attachments to physical objects (whether a car, a house or a tamagotchi). Plus: is banana really a good pizza topping?

  • #98: Metaverse Madness and My Friend The Chatbot

    Ian and Michael come back to one of their favourite topics, figuring out uses for the metaverse. And, if we all end up plugged into the metaverse, would it matter if our metaverse friends and acquaintance are actually AI-generated?