Tag: Autonomous AI Agents

  • #71: Robots, Hallucinations, Eurovision, and Death

    In "Robots, Hallucinations, Eurovision, and Death," Ian and Michael venture into a captivating maze of diverse topics that'll keep you on the edge of your seat. Dive headfirst into the riveting world of AI as they explore the remarkable strides in using artificial intelligence to control robots, ushering in an era where machines are more interconnected and responsive than ever before.

    But that's just the beginning. Brace yourself for a mind-bending exploration of hallucination in the context of machine learning.The episode then takes an entertaining detour into the colorful realm of Eurovision and the jury vote controversy, unraveling the charm and eccentricity of this iconic musical extravaganza. And in a thought-provoking twist, Ian and Michael delve into the intriguing concept of using AI to execute your wishes after you've departed, offering a glimpse into the intersection of technology and the afterlife. With their trademark wit and wisdom, this episode promises a whirlwind of engaging ideas that will leave you pondering the limitless potential of AI. (This description was generated with ChatGPT)

  • #56: AutoGPT and Autonomous AI Agents

    Ian and Michael discusses the recent advent of autonomous AI agents that can identify and execute tasks to attain a human-specified goal. What could possibly go wrong?