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  • #69: AI in Hollywood, AI Debuggers, ChatGPT Alternatives, Reading in the Digital Age

    Dive into a captivating podcast episode that weaves through an array of thought-provoking topics. Join Ian and Michael as they dissect the multifaceted role of AI, from its intriguing presence in Hollywood to its transformative impact on coding and testing, reshaping software development's landscape.

    Hold on as the discussion takes an unexpected turn into the realm of imagination: AI-generated fake film stars. The hosts then shift gears to provide an insightful report on alternatives to ChatGPT, opening a window into the dynamic world of AI evolution. Stepping into the literary world, they ponder the age-old question of classics versus contemporary reads, contemplating the relevance of timeless literature in our fast-paced era. (This description was generated with ChatGPT)

  • Two robots wearing boxing gloves and engaged in a boxing matchTwo robots wearing boxing gloves and engaged in a boxing match

    #48: The Battle of the Large Language Models

    In this episode of the podcast, Ian and Michael dive deep into the latest developments in the world of large language models. The two discuss the launch of Google's Bard, and Microsoft's integration of OpenAI's models into their search engine Bing. But are these large language models really as useful as they seem? Ian and Michael weigh the pros and cons of relying on large language models for information retrieval and explore some of the challenges that come with using these technologies. (This description was automatically generated using ChatGPT)