Tag: Cloud

  • #91: The Quest for Immortality

    Ian and Michael embark on a thought-provoking exploration of humanity's timeless desire to defy mortality. From the pursuit of extending our lifespans indefinitely to the tantalizing prospect of uploading ourselves to the digital realm, they navigate the complexities of our quest for eternal existence. They examine the equally compelling desire to leave a lasting legacy, pondering the ways in which we seek to be remembered for generations to come. Join them for an illuminating discussion that traverses the realms of science, philosophy, and the human condition, offering insights into the timeless pursuit of immortality. (This description was generated with ChatGPT)

  • #90: Software as a Service

    Ian and Michael delve into the evolving landscape of software consumption, comparing the prevalent software-as-a-service and subscription models with the traditional approach of purchasing software outright. From the convenience of SaaS to the ownership perks of traditional methods, they navigate the pros and cons from a consumer's standpoint, offering valuable insights into the shifting paradigm. The hosts pivot to the recent US Senate hearing, where the CEOs of the five biggest social media companies faced scrutiny. Tune in for a stimulating discussion that bridges the gap between consumer preferences and the societal impact of tech giants.