Tag: innovation

  • #107: AI-Powered PCs, The Hallucination Problem, AI for Mayor

    Ian and Michael discuss the latest goings-on in the AI world, including the recently announced AI-powered PC concept, hallucinations being - so far - an intractable problem for large language models, and the AI chatbot running for mayor in Cheyenne, Wyoming. (This episode features AI-generated content and speech)

  • #104: Royal Portrait Controversy, The Pace of Innovation

    Ian and Michael discuss the recent viral controversy around the new portrait of Charles III, before tackling the topic of the speed of innovation in the digital era - are we inventing things at a break neck pace that we actually need, or are we churning out new products for its own sake?

  • #99: Making Money in the Digital Era, Materialism Banter

    Ian and Michael discuss ways to make money in our modern digital society, as well as why people form emotional attachments to physical objects (whether a car, a house or a tamagotchi). Plus: is banana really a good pizza topping?

  • #68: Media and Weather Reporting, Clickbait, AI Revolution or Evolution

    Get ready for a captivating podcast episode where Ian and Michael traverse a spectrum of intriguing subjects. From media's portrayal of "the storm of the century" in Finland, which turned out less dramatic than anticipated, to a probing examination of our clickbait-infused society – they uncover the layers beneath the headlines.

    The hosts take on the future with a discussion about the ever-evolving landscape of AI. Will the latest innovations deliver groundbreaking transformations or merely incremental upgrades? Join the conversation that navigates the blurred lines between the revolutionary and the evolutionary. (This description was generated with ChatGPT)

  • #65: No, AI Won’t Kill Us All

    Ian and Michael grapple with the contentious debate surrounding artificial intelligence and its potential threats. Is AI truly on par with climate change, pandemics, and nuclear war in terms of danger to humanity? And should we actually be more worried about how AI is used today, rather than how it might be used in the future?

    Listen as they dissect the warnings from prominent figures in the AI sphere, asking crucial questions about the future capabilities of AI and how its current applications impact us today. Navigate the turbulent waters of this debate and unravel a more balanced perspective on AI's role in our world. (This description was automatically generated using ChatGPT)