Tag: Language Learning

  • #97: Card Games, Board Games and AI, Collectibles

    Ian and Michael discuss card games in the context of language learning, use of AI in creating board games, and collectible items. (This episode contains AI-generated speech)

  • #63: Digital Language Learning

    Ian and Michael discuss online language learning and the role ChatGPT in language learning - are we replacing the human language teacher anytime soon?

  • #59: Languages in the Digital Era

    Get ready to tune in to an illuminating conversation with Ian and Michael as they navigate the fascinating crossroads of technology and linguistics in our latest episode, "Languages in the Digital Era."

    This episode is a deep dive into the essential but often overlooked topic of providing digital services in minority languages. They'll explore the unique challenges and potential solutions that come with this digital inclusivity. Furthermore, they'll delve into practical language learning in today's digital world, highlighting the impact of technological advancements on our capacity to learn and retain new languages. (This description was automatically generated with ChatGPT)

  • A humanoid robot standing on a crowded street, looking into a dictionaryA humanoid robot standing on a crowded street, looking into a dictionary

    #23: The Translated Episode

    In the last episode before the summer hiatus, Ian and Michael discuss translation and speech in the context of language learning, virtual voice-overs, and virtual movie actors. As an experiment, we've also included excerpts from episode 16 (No code and low code) that have been automatically translated to Spanish and French using speech-to-text (to create the transcript from the original English), machine translation, and text-to-speech!

    AI Unfiltered will be back from its summer hiatus with new episodes on August 30!