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  • #73: Digital Isn’t Forever

    In the episode "Digital Isn't Forever," Ian and Michael take a (somewhat) thought-provoking dive into the impermanence of the digital realm. They ponder the irony that in our quest for digital convenience, we might just be creating a cosmic black hole for future historians. Join this discussion and prepare to rethink the enduring nature of our online footprints! (This description was generated with ChatGPT)

  • #67: Generative AI and Hollywood

    AI Unfiltered returns from summer break with a blockbuster episode, "Hollywood and Generative AI." Join hosts Ian and Michael as they tackle the seismic impact of writers and actors strikes that are shaking up Tinseltown. Delve into the heart of the matter, exploring the ever-expanding role of generative AI in Hollywood productions.

    In a riveting conversation, they explore the intriguing question: Will human actors and writers still have a place in the future of entertainment, or are they destined to bow before the inexorable rise of generative AI? Prepare for a thought-provoking analysis that balances the promises and challenges of this technological revolution.

    Don't miss the return of AI Unfiltered – it's showtime! (This description was automatically generated with ChatGPT)