Tag: Reviews

  • #101: Reviewing Reviews

    Ian and Michael discuss the recent controversy stirred up by a scathing review of an AI-powered wearable - do reviewers really need to be nice even if the product is bad? And how much do reviews actually matter in the end? Plus, our fake AI-generated contributor Emma Williams returns with a new instalment of "Emma's Artificial Reflections!" (This episode features AI-generated content and speech)

  • #82: AI Poison, Critics, Nostalgia

    Ian and Michael embark on a riveting journey through diverse topics. They kick off the discussion with a deep dive into the intriguing concept of poisoned training data as a means for artists to fight back against generative AI using their work without permission or compensation. Then, they shift gears to ponder the role of film critics in shaping our cinematic experiences. And as the episode unfolds, they explore the intoxicating allure of nostalgia, delving into the profound ways it influences our lives. Join the conversation for a thought-provoking exploration of AI, art, and the timeless appeal of the past. (This description was generated with ChatGPT)

  • #62: AI Journalism and Reviews

    In the thought-provoking episode "AI Journalism and Reviews," join Ian and Michael as they navigate the nuances of artificial intelligence in today's media landscape. They tackle the depiction of AI's recent progress in media.

    The conversation also turns towards the emerging role of AI in journalism and reporting. Tune in for a balanced, insightful exploration of the interplay between artificial intelligence, media, and journalism. (This description was automatically generated with ChatGPT)