Tag: Television

  • #73: Digital Isn’t Forever

    In the episode "Digital Isn't Forever," Ian and Michael take a (somewhat) thought-provoking dive into the impermanence of the digital realm. They ponder the irony that in our quest for digital convenience, we might just be creating a cosmic black hole for future historians. Join this discussion and prepare to rethink the enduring nature of our online footprints! (This description was generated with ChatGPT)

  • #51: AI-Generated Content and the Future of Creativity

    Join Ian and Michael as they delve into the controversy surrounding a children's book that was entirely AI-generated. Moreover, the duo discusses the concerning trend of AI companies using artists' and authors' work as training data without permission, credit, or compensation. Discover the impact it has on the audience and the future of creativity. From animation to British sitcoms to replacing the annoying overflow of (human-generated) reboots and sequels with truly original content, there's no telling what intriguing insights will be unveiled in this must-listen episode! (This text was generated with ChatGPT)