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  • #89: Deepfake Tourism

    In this riveting episode, Ian and Michael embark on a journey into the "Deepfake Tourism" concept. They explore how AI could allow us to virtually insert ourselves into various destinations. But it's not all sunny landscapes and tourist hotspots; the hosts also delve into the darker side, discussing how deepfake technology can be used to create misinformation for unsuspecting travelers. Amidst this exploration of the digital frontier, they sprinkle in some delightful travel banter. Join them for an episode where technology meets travel, and the world is your digital playground.

  • #57: Image Generators and the Deepfake Dilemma

    Get ready to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of image generators! Join Ian and Michael, your dynamic duo, as they delve into the cutting-edge developments shaping this rapidly evolving field. In this enthralling episode, they explore groundbreaking methods for achieving pinpoint precision in image generation, the captivating story of a photography competition dominated by an AI-generated masterpiece, the high-stakes legal battles waged against image generation companies, and the potential perils unleashed by deepfakes.

    Prepare to be enlightened and entertained by their thought-provoking analysis and engaging banter! Don't miss this captivating journey into the future of imagery! (Episode title and description was automatically generated with ChatGPT)

  • A humanoid robot holding an old analog cameraA humanoid robot holding an old analog camera

    #36: AI-Generated Video, Virtual Actors and Deepfakes, AI Veganism

    Ian and Michael discuss recent strides in AI-generated video, the use of people's likenesses in video and images, the "Deepfake defense" in the court of law, the concept of "AI Veganism" and the recent news of AI-generated artwork winning an art competition.