Tag: Inclusion

  • #88: Digital Gaps, AI Bells and Whistles

    Ian and Michael delve into the digitalization landscape, uncovering the gaps that divide societies and nations in this digital age. They shed light on the repercussions of our relentless push to digitize everything, exploring the unexpected downsides to our digital ambitions. But that's not all! The hosts also discuss the shiny new bells and whistles that adorn our mobile devices as of late, promising a glimpse into the future of technology. Join the conversation as they navigate the complex tapestry of digitalization, from disparities to developments, offering an illuminating perspective on our ever-evolving digital world. (This description was generated with ChatGPT)

  • A robot hand holding up planet earthA robot hand holding up planet earth

    #10: AI, Digitalisation and Inclusion

    Is it even possible to live without a smartphone these days? In our push to digitise society, can AI be used to create a more inclusive society, or are we actually exacerbating inequality? Ian and Michael discuss digitalisation, AI and inclusion - and the very real risk of digitally excluding a large number of people from participating in society.